1. The objectives and purposes of this Post shall be to promote the principles and policies as set forth in the foregoing preamble, and the National and Department constitutions of The American Legion, and the mandates of their respective conventions.
  2. This Post is a civilian organization and membership therein does not affect or increase liability for military or police service.
  3. While requiring that every member of the organization perform his/her full duty as a citizen according to his own conscience and understanding, this organization shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles nor the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment. Any candidate for or incumbent of a remunerative elective office may hold any office in this Post of the American Legion.
  4. Military rank does not exist in the American Legion; no member shall be addressed by his/her military title in any meeting of this Post.
  5. Eligibility for membership is this Post shall be as prescribed by the National Constitution of the American Legion.
  6. There shall be no form or class of membership except as active membership and dues shall be paid annually.
  7. No person shall be a member of this Post while he/she is a member of another American Legion Post.
  8. Application for membership shall be made under such regulations as may from time to time be prescribed by the by-laws of this Post, provided, that all new members or transfers shall present to the Adjutant or other qualified members of the Post satisfactory proof of Honorable Service in the Armed Forces of the United States or as prescribed by the National Constitution of the American Legion, upon making application for membership or transfer into this Post.
  9. Any member of this Post may be suspended or expelled for cause by majority vote of the Executive Committee after charges are preferred under oath in writing, and a fair trial had upon the same. Charges shall be based only upon disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty, and conduct unbecoming a member of the American Legion.
  10. Any member who has been suspended or expelled from this Post for any cause may be reinstated to membership by a majority vote of the Executive Board; maintenance of continuous membership may be attained by the payment of full dues for the period of suspension.